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Specialists in creative, curriculum & topic focused dance lessons in primary schools, nurseries & the community.
Emma is really kind, patient and has great fun teaching my students!My kids will never forget their Thriller Dance!By always basing lessons on our class topic & providing meaningful links & enrichment opportunities Emma has made it possible for children who ordinarily find it difficult to access the curriculum to do so through dance.Through working with Emma I have gained greater insight into my class & appreciated the depth of their individual abilities, she is a true inspiration.Emma has a great nurturing relationship with every child, they have responded to her exceptionally well & think she's fab!!!Emma has encouraged & embraced all sorts of barriers in our children & has allowed them to have fun & express themselves, especially those that normally find it hard to communicate on a day to day basis.The children have been really inspired by their learning in dance & have been excited each term to see their topics come alive.My children loved their Capoeira lessons which linked to our Brazil topic & loved performing to the rest of the school.Our dance lessons have been incredible!  Every term Emma has linked them to our curriculum topics & suggested very creative ideas to enrich the childrens' learning.

Children take ownership of their learning & with Emma's support & guidance they work together to create some fantastic pieces of dance.

My class have a wide variety of needs, both in their ability in dance & their social & emotional needs.  Emma's patience & great behaviour management has meant all the children feel valued & proud of the work they produce.From the Victorians & Ancient Greeks, to rivers & bees, Emma shows excellent creativity to intertwine dance into the current learning in class which has enriched our curriculum.Emma demonstrates versatility in adapting her lessons to match pupils' physical and intellectual abilityEmma drew on teachers' knowledge of their pupils to devise appropriate units of work pitched at the correct level.

Our children have been able to express themselves and have great fun through dance.



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