about us

At Splatter Dance we aim to provide fun dance experiences for children and young people of all abilities.  We deliver creative dance lessons in primary schools & nurseries as well as through our own community classes. Our lessons & classes encourage participants’ creativity & imaginations whilst also introducing them to the basic principles of contemporary dance and how they can use these principals in their own dances.

"Our children have been able to express

themselves and have great fun through dance."

We passionately believe that all children should have access to dance, whether through their formal education or by attending a class held in their local community. We aim to

  • Encourage and develop a love of dance from a young age in children of all abilities.
  • Support Early Years providers and primary schools by complimenting the learning they provide to their pupils through providing cross-curricular dance lessons and projects.
  • Engage children in creative dance to allow them to express themselves by using their imaginations and creative ideas to produce their own movements whilst also gaining an understanding of their own body.
  • Develop physical skills including coordination, balance, posture, gross motor skills and dance technique as well as allowing children to acquire a sense of spatial awareness.
  • Foster children’s social, language and communication skills and their ability to listen and follow instructions by providing opportunities to work as an individual and as a team.
  • Promote the health, wellbeing and self-esteem of all participants and allow them to develop an understanding of a healthy lifestyle and how dance can contribute to this.

Most importantly, we believe that everyone should have fun through participating in dance!