Rambert Elements Project

In September 2015 more than 70 schools applied to take part in a special dance project and a group from Spa School were very lucky to be accepted to take part. The project is called Elements and involved 36 schools across the country working to create their own dance piece. The Spa School piece was inspired by some of Henry Moore's sculptures and students from key stages 4 and 5 helped to make the piece. The students all worked incredibly hard to create their own dance movements, order these movements to make the dance piece and also to remember it. They worked extremely well with their own friends and made new friendships with students in different classes and key stages too.

On Monday 14th March 10 students performed their dance at Rambert. Rambert is Britain's oldest dance company and are based in an amazing building on the Southbank. Students were lucky to have the opportunity to dance in their huge dance studios and to see some incredible views of London from inside the Rambert building. All the students displayed impeccable behaviour during the day and performed fantastically. Everyone at Spa School are extremely proud of their achievements and by how wonderfully they represented the school.