At Splatter Dance we are passionate about learning through doing.  We provide creative dance classes linked to the national curriculum. We believe that using a topic pupils are learning about in the classroom provides a solid base of knowledge & creates opportunities for further learning & understanding to occur.

The children have been really inspired by their learning in dance & have been excited each term to see their topics come alive.

We begin with a story, image, poem or prop connected to the classroom topic & transform the chosen stimulus into movement ideas.  We do this by abstracting the ideas, for example, rather than acting like an animal, we would explore the different ways it moves by focusing on the size, shape, speed and the physical level of their actions to create movement.  The whole body is used to explore and express the movement ideas which can then be played and experimented with.  This is achieved by guiding participants through improvisation games & carefully structured movement tasks to nurture their individual movement vocabulary and encourage their own creativity and imaginations.  These creative movement tasks and improvisations in turn develop individuals’ physical skills and capabilities.

"The children take ownership of their learning and with support and guidance have worked together to create some fantastic pieces of dance."

As pupils mature and extend their knowledge they are introduced to a range of choreographic tools. This provides them with opportunities to make independent choices when composing their own dances.  Realistic expectations and appropriate challenges are built in to each lesson to create further learning opportunities.  By working independently as well as part of a duet, trio and within a larger group participants develop new friendships which aids the development of social skills such as turn taking, trust, verbal and non-verbal communication and team work.  This leads to increased levels of confidence and self-esteem.


In addition to the creative, movement skills, social & communication benefits, there are a host of physical and fitness benefits from participating in dance. These include developing

  • Strength
  • Co ordination
  • Flexibility & mobility
  • Stamina
  • Body control

Learning Health Benefits 1