Cross curricular

Our bespoke cross-curricular dance lessons and projects aim to extend, enrich and compliment the work schools already do themselves. We have our own dance curriculum for the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1 and 2 which work in line with the

  • National Curriculum PE specifications.
  • National Dance Teacher Association and Youth Dance England's frameworks for the learning outcomes & assessment criteria for dance.

At Key Stage 3 onwards we work with the specifications set out in the national curriculum & the qualifications your pupils are currently working towards.

All lessons include opportunities to compose, perform & appreciate dance which provides a whole range of learning experiences.  Including these opportunities allows us to engage all children and allow them to participate in the most beneficial way to them.  Whether your children are visual, aural, verbal, physical or social learners, all will be accommodated in our lessons.

By always basing lessons on our class topic & providing meaningful links & enrichment opportunities, it has been possible for children who ordinarily find it difficult to access the curriculum to do so through dance.

We have created schemes of work for a wide range of curriculum topics.  However, we always work with schools and teachers to develop bespoke experiences appropriate for your pupils. This allows us to support your curriculum so we can meet the needs of your pupils learning & development  Take a look at some of the topics we’ve developed into dance schemes of work & the projects we've been involved in in our Gallery & then contact us to discuss your very own school project with Splatter Dance!