Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your lessons?

We recommend 30 minutes for Nursery & Reception classes, 40-50 minutes for key stage 1 & 50-60 minutes for key stage 2 children.  Workshops for older students average between 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 & a half hours in length.  However we are flexible & always structure our workshops to fit in with your own timetable.  The length of your workshops will also depend of the outcome you wish your children to have from their workshop.  We can discuss your individual requirements once you have contacted us about your booking.


How many can participate in each workshop?

Our workshops are suitable for a class of up to 30 children when we work in a mainstream school.  We also require that at least one member of your staff to be present.  In our SEN workshops the group size will be different depending on the needs of each group.   We can discuss this with each school to ensure we meet the needs of your children.


What should participants wear?

PE kits are ideal for pupils to wear as they will need to be in comfortable & non-restrictive clothing.  We also ask that all children have bare feet so they can use all of the different parts of their feet fully.  We understand that it isn't always practical for children to change into their PE kits, particularly if they are very young or if the workshops are short.  In these circumstances school uniform & bare feet is absolutely fine, this includes tights for the girls so they don't slip.


Do you need a sound system?

Ideally we need a sound system that we can connect an IPod to when we visit your school.  Please let us know if this isn't possible as we can arrange to bring our own to use.


What kinds of music do you use?

All of the music we use is suitable for those we work with.  Unless your workshop is in a specific style, for example, the Charleston, our music usually contains no lyrics.  We choose our music to encourage a suitable atmosphere within our workshops & to help encourage different movement qualities in pupil’s movement.


Do your teachers have a DBS?

Yes, all our teachers hold their own DBS checks.  They also have their own personal liability insurance.


Are your teachers first aid trained?

Yes, all of our teachers have completed a reognised first aid qualification.


Can we take photographs & film?

Yes, we actively encourage you to make a record of your pupil’s participation in our workshops.  We know that all schools share their pupil’s learning & achievements through display boards at school & sometimes on your own website.  We also have our own photo permission forms that we ask parents & guardians to read & sign if they're happy to do so.  This is an excellent way of schools who wish to work with us in the future to see the experience others have gained by participating in our workshops.  We will supply this letter once you have confirmed your booking.


Can you help us to create a performance?

Yes we definitely can!  All of our workshops have opportunities for your pupils to perform built into them, for example, participants may share their creations in groups to their peers.  We can also create performances for an assembly, Christmas or Arts Week celebrations as well as year group productions, including your year 6 or 11 leaver’s end of school production.  This will be discussed with you at the time of your booking & will, for example, effect the length & amount of lessons we would recommend each class will need to participate in so they can accomplish your desired outcome.